Redevelopment Update – Watchcase

The Riverside Township Committee is pleased to announce that Shaikh Capital Partners LLC has taken ownership of Riverside’s Historic Watchcase building.  Shaikh Capital Partners LLC was previously appointed as Developer by the Riverside Township Committee, and has been actively and diligently working over the past year to secure the transfer of ownership from the previous Owner/Developer.  With ownership and funding solidified, Shaikh Capital Partners LLC is currently tending to site maintenance while working with their professionals to develop plans for the building and surrounding property.

The Watchcase is the lynchpin in the Golden Triangle Redevelopment Area; it is the most difficult piece, yet the most important piece.  The preservation and revitalization of this building will not only further the redevelopment that began with the Kokes Properties’ the Mill at Riverside and coincide with Kaplan Companies’ Camelot at Riverside, but will facilitate the revitalization of the Downtown Central Business District as well.  We welcome Shaikh Capital Partners LLC to our redevelopment family and look forward continuing progress.