Public Works Update

Happy Spring Riverside! As we approach April, we will like to provide you with the following Public Works Update:

Branch collection will resume on Monday April 3, 2023. The Department will canvas the town on Mondays and Fridays., working through the East End, the Middle Section, the Avenues, and Reeder Tract/Swamp Poodle. Branches cannot exceed 8′ in length and 4″ inches in diameter. Stumps will be collected for a fee of $30.00 per stump, which must be paid before collection. Please note that it takes two to three weeks to canvas the town. All branches must be placed at the curbside by 7:00 am for pick-up. The truck will remain at one residence for no more than thirty (30) minutes, so please plan your pick-up accordingly. You do not need to call ahead to be put on the list.

SPRING curbside leaf collection will begin Monday April 3, 2023. We will collect loose leaves until May 5, 2023, and bagged leaves until May 26, 2023. Throughout the month, we will canvas the Township in the order of Reeder Tract/Swamp Poodle, Avenues, Middle, and East End. Please place material loose at the curb (no materials other than leaves and grass).

Friday morning sweeps will resume on April 7, 2023. Residents may not park on Fairview Street, Bridgeboro Street, Scott Street or Pavilion Avenue on Fridays between the hours of 3:00 am and 7 pm.

Should you have any questions regarding these services, please email Township Administrator Meghan Jack at [email protected] .