The Riverside Township Committee is pleased to announce that under the Fiscal Year 2024 Consolidated Appropriations Act, Riverside Township has been awarded $500,000 for the construction of a new Township Municipal Building and Community Center.  Over the past several years, the Township Committee has begun the process to design a new Municipal building and Community Center.  The plan, at present, is to construct a new building at 1 West Scott Street that would allow us to bring all of the Municipal Offices back under one roof, while also preserving the current Municipal Town Hall for alternative uses.  No formal decision has been made on the future status of the Pavilion Avenue Administrative Offices at this time.  To date, floor and site plans have been developed for two-story building to house Municipal Offices and a Community Center, and Capital funds have been set aside in the annual budgets for this purpose.  This award, secured with the support of Congressman Kim and Senator Booker, will aid us in bringing this building/center to fruition; a project that will allow offices and departments to function more effectively and efficiently, while improving public safety and also meeting the needs of the community at-large.  We will continue to work towards securing funds so that this project has as little impact on the taxpayers as possible.  Questions regarding this project can be directed to Township Administrator, Meghan Jack, at [email protected] or 856-461-1460 x4.