About Riverside

Municipal Court Dispute
Resolution Program

This program uses trained volunteers from the community to mediate disputes. Mediation is often the preferred option for cases involving people with ongoing relationships like neighbors, friends, relatives, co-workers and others. Mediation is available to every Burlington County resident.

Mediation is a structured and confidential form of negotiation, which allows people to meet and try to resolve their dispute. Unlike court cases, in mediation, you have control over the outcome and take an active role in the mediation process.

Once all parties in the dispute have reached an agreement, the mediator will write up an official version and present it to a judge for review. The agreement, once signed, becomes a legally binding document

1 W. Scott St.
856-461-8820 extension 2
Hours: Monday – Friday 9 :00 am – 3:00 pm
Court Sessions: First three Tuesdays of each month

Sherryl Allen, Court Administrator
Dennis P. McInerney, Judge
Jeff Snow, Public Defender
Greg Perr, Prosecutor

Township of Riverside

The Township of Riverside is a small municipality located in Burlington County, New Jersey between the Route 130 Corridor and the Rancocas Creek. Riverside was incorporated as a Township by an act of the New Jersey Legislature on February 20, 1895. The Township was originally named Progress which was changed to Riverside for its location on the Delaware River. The name Progress, however, still rings true today as we continue to grow our community while preserving portions of our past.

The Township of Riverside is a 1.56 square mile Township located between Delran and Delanco Townships. Within the 1.56 square miles, Riverside is home to the Riverside Township Public Schools, the Riverside Township Fire District , a Central Business District, two Redevelopment Areas and the New Jersey Transit RiverLine. Come out to see what the Progress is all about.

Township of Riverside