We are an up and moving small town where you can experience not only our historic roots, but you also can be an important component of our exciting future. Riverside is part of the River Route, a Regional Redevelopment Area recognized as one of the top 10 growth regions in the country. In fact, Inc. magazine recently named Burlington County among the top 10 "hottest" areas in the nation.

Riverside Township

Riverside, New Jersey has a rich and interesting history. Samuel Bechtold founded Riverside, first called “Progress,” in 1851 as a resort town

Our Township provides opportunities for all who wish to live and work

We have made significant strides in redevelopment with several more great strides to come and are proud to welcome new businesses and residents to our community.

As the population and number of businesses grew, so did the need for upgrades. In 1941.

Two years later, the township started paying Authority members.

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