The Mill at Riverside

Posted on December 8th, 2020

The Township Committee is pleased and proud to announce the commencement of The Mill at Riverside, a redevelopment project from Kokes Properties LLC.  The project has been brought to fruition after over a decade of work by and dedication of Township Committee members, both present and past, and under the commitment of Michael J. Kokes, President of Kokes Properties.  A small ceremony was held on Friday December 4, 2020 to commemorate this momentous occasion.  While all members of the Township Committee and staff could not be present, those who could were able to see the progress that has been made to date.  Please see the accompanying media for a glimpse of the activity and visit for additional details on this redevelopment project.  We look forward to the progress of this project and the first true step in the redevelopment and revitalization of our town.