Licenses & Permits


Animal Licenses

In accordance with NJ State law, residents must license their dogs and/or cats annually through the local municipality. All pet licenses must be renewed by March 31st of of the current calendar year. Any license obtained after March 31st will be assessed a $20.00 late fee per animal, which is in addition
to the license fee. The only exception is for those residents whose pet is newly acquired or who recently moved into the community. New residents must
obtain their pet license within 10 days.

To register your pet you must provide proof of rabies vaccination and proof of spaying or neutering. With respect to the rabies vaccination, State regulation requires that the vaccination carry through to November of the licensing year.

The cost for pet licenses are as follows:
Spayed or Neutered dogs $13.20
Non-Spayed or Neutered $20.20
Spayed or Neutered cats $12.00
Non-Spayed or Neutered $16.00

Rental and Vacant Property Registration

All single and two family properties within Riverside Township that are not owner occupied must be registered on an annual basis with the Office of the Township Clerk and inspected on a bi-annual basis, or whenever there is a change in tenant, by the Rental Inspector.

The fee(s) for rental registration are as follows:
Annual License Fee $100.00 per unit
Change in Tenant Fee $50.00 per unit

Please contact Jackie Ransburgh our offices at 856-461-1460 x1 or for the fee(s) for vacant registration or any rental registration questions.

Raffle and Bingo Licenses

If you are interested in conducting a raffle or bingo, please contact the Municipal Clerk at 856-461-1460 extension 2.

Business Licenses

All retail businesses within Riverside Township must be licensed on an annual basis with Office of the Township Clerk

The cost for rental licenses are as follows:
Original License Fee $100.00 per unit
Annual Renewal Fee $50.00 per unit

Permits and Certificates

Construction and Zoning Permits

Before you begin any construction project, whether big or small, contact the Construction Office at 856-461-1460 extension 5 or to determine if a construction or zoning permit is required in accordance with the New Jersey State Uniform Construction Code (UCC) and/or the Codes of the Township. Any and all work done without the proper permits is a violation of the UCC and the Codes of the Township of Riverside, and, as such, may result in the issuance of penalties. Please also note, that zoning approval may be required even if the work does not require a construction permit.

Road Opening Permits

Any work done in the roadway, including curbing and driveway aprons, requires a road opening permit. You are required to secure a road opening permit a minimum of seven (7) days prior to beginning the work. Please contact the Office of the Township at 856-461-1460 extension 1 for or additional information.

Certificate of Occupancy – Resale

A Certificate of Occupancy is required prior to the sale of any property within the Township.  A Certificate will be issued only after the completion of an inspection, and will only be valid for sixty (60) days from the date of issuance.  All inspections can be arranged through the Construction Office by contacting 856-461-1460 x3 or  The fee for the inspection is $100.00 per unit.  Additional fees charged after the second unsuccessful inspection or after the sixty (60) day time period has elapsed.   The application for inspection can be found under forms.